Dog Accessory Disclaimer

It is the customer's/dog owners responsibility to ensure the dog accessory is suitable for their dog, insuring the product fits correctly and does not cause the dog any discomfort. Cocopup does not accept any responsibility for ill-fitting accessories. Every dog is different and not one size fits will fit the same breed. If you require help with sizing please email us at

Like all human accessories, dog accessories are subject to wear and tear and it is the responsibility of the owner to keep an eye on the condition to make sure it is safe for their dog to wear. If any product is showing signs of wear or tear it should not be used on the dog as intended. 

Cocopup accessories are suitable for most dogs and for every day use, however if the dog has behavioural issues or are excessive pullers our accessories will have a reduced life span. We will not refund or replace accessories that have been misused or damaged by the dog. 

Please also note that Cocopup's textured Leads and Collars (e.g. our Teddy, Coat Collection, Mocha flower, Embroidered) are not heavy duty Accessories and are not made to withstand extreme pulling or wear and tear. They are aesthetic ranges which are suitable for smaller breeds and lighter use. Please do not buy this product if you have a large or strong breed. We cannot take responsibility if the products are damaged by the dog from scratching, biting etc. 

We recommend hand washing all our accessories, but never over 30 degrees. 
Cocopup accepts no legal responsibility for the use or misuse of the products sold.
We reserve the right to update our Disclaimers and Policies at any time without notice.