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    If you want to be prepared for every walk, our pre-made bundles provide all the storage space you need for treats, doggy bags and more.

    Ordinary bags often don’t do the job when it comes to dog walking. A rucksack can lead to everything becoming chaotic inside, whilst ordinary shoulder bags aren’t designed for equipment like leashes and doggy treats.

    Regular bags might also not be durable and easy to keep clean. You might find they don’t absorb odours and stains from dog-related messes.

    Our bundles contain bags which are easy to keep clean and come with features like wipe-proof materials, mesh compartments, and poop bag dispensers (on the side of the bag).

    Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved-one, Cocopup provides accessories
    which are tailored especially for dog-owners.

    Beautifully crafted and available in various styles, our bundles make wonderful gifts for dog-lovers of all ages. You and your fur baby will stay comfortable on all your adventures, whether you’re hiking through the woods, on the beach or along the coast.

    Like all our products, our pre-made bundles are made by a team of true dog-lovers. We
    appreciate the sunshine, love and loyalty which our furry friends bring to our life. Dogs truly are a member of our family and walking with them is one of life’s pleasures.

    Made in gorgeous colours and coming with an array of patterned straps, your dog will soon come to associate your bag with their daily walks. All our bundles come with a bag, treat pouch and bag strap. There's also the option for a larger bag bundle.