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    Just like every dog is unique and special, we all have our own idea of our dream walking bag. 

    Here at Cocopup, we make it easy to customise our beautiful, well-crafted bags by picking from an array of stylish straps. You’ll have a design that not only suits your daily needs, but is unique and special.

    From plain baby pink, nude or brown, through to floral patterns and animal prints, there’s a strap for everyone.Our straps not only look fantastic, they’re extremely comfortable to wear. Whether you’re walking with your dog on the beach, through the woods or through town, they’re both practical and attractive. 

    With a panoply of patterns and colours to choose from, it’s easy to find one that reflects your personality or the character of your furry friend. We even enable you to match the style of your strap to your phone cover, dog collar and other accessories, so you’ll have a co-ordinated look.Whether you wish to stow away treats or store poop bags, these bags are the ultimate in convenience. 

    Walking your dog is great for both your physical and mental health.It gets us out in the fresh air in all seasons, ensuring we get plenty of exercise and stimulation, which is vital for our happiness. There’s a reason dogs are so enthusiastic about going walkies! 

    With our customisable bags, it will be even more of a pleasure. You’ll have room to store all your essentials, including training treats (without your pooch noticing them in-between sessions!).  

    When you build a dog walking bag with us, you’ll have an accessory that’s the perfect size for all your adventures. 

    We also sell straps separately so you can easily chop-and-change if you feel like it.