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    There’s no questioning that your pups wardrobe is just as important as your own. So, we are pleased to introduce to you our Adjustable Neck Harness Bundles! Get ready to upgrade your pups everyday style with our seriously pawsome prints. 

    All of our bundles feature an Adjustable Neck Harness, Lead and Collar at a discounted price. No pup is complete with just one of these items, trust us! Not only do our bundles look great but they feel great too (for your pooch, that is) and we’re here to prove it. Our Adjustable Neck Harnesses are both lightweight and comfortable, featuring a fully adjustable neck and chest strap to fit your pooch whatever their size might be. Our Collar also features neoprene padding for extra comfort. What’s more, the Harness, Collar and Lead are all made of Neoprene Material meaning that they are quick drying and rainy walkies approved! Tempted? How could you not be! 

    Now we’ve got the technical stuff out of the way lets move on to the fun bit - Cocopup prints! We have a wide range of design-led prints to choose from and there really is something for everyone. Feeling a bit wild? Try our our Stay Wild, Sage Leopard or Black Leopard Adjustable Neck Bundles - meeowww! Obsessed with everything hues of nude? You’ll love our Nude Cow and Sunflowers prints. Alternatively, if you love a pop of colour why not get groovy with our 70s Swirls and Groovy Green Bundle. 

    Did we mention that our Adjustable Neck Harness Bundles match with our hooman accessories? We’re talking Dog Walking Bags, Leggings, Sport Bras, Phone Cases, Scrunchies - you name it! So, whether you’re simply looking to upgrade your pups everyday style or looking to twin with your bestie, we got you covered. It’s time to try out our bundles!