Jazz up your Bag with our Handy Accessories

    Want to make it easier to stay organised when walking your pooch? Cocopup London has the ultimate collection of practical, decorative accessories for dog walkers. Designed specially for outdoors adventures with your furry friend, these products can be attached to or stored inside your bag. 

    Stay hydrated when out and about.

    Among our collection you’ll find collapsible travel bowls, water bottles and coffee cups that are perfect when on-the-go. 

    Making sure a dog has enough water is vital, especially in summer. Often, there isn’t a cafe nearby that has water for dogs available. In our collection you’ll find foldable travel bowls which are made from food-grade silicone. These are also brilliant for feeding your dog when away from home. 

    We also have highly convenient clips to help with tying up those doggy bags. All our accessories are long-lasting and easy to keep clean.  

    Make your daily dog walks more environmentally-friendly.

    Want to say goodbye to despicable coffee cups and water bottles? Both of these have a huge impact on the environment, especially if they’re made from plastic. 

    Our sustainable, reusable accessories are ideal for reducing waste, so are brilliant for the environment. Since many of them are foldable, they couldn’t be easier to stow away in your bag. Cocopup also sells high quality bags designed for dog walkers, with convenient compartments for storing your bits and pieces. 

    Our poop bag holders are so cute they make the process more enjoyable!

    They come in various patterns and colours and are made from Neoprene fabric. This synthetic rubber material is known for its versatility and durability. It's commonly used in various applications due to its excellent resistance to water, heat, and weathering.

    Cocopup London also has tennis ball holders, whistlers and much more. In short, everything needed to enjoy dog walks to the fullest!