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    Foldable Bowls for Feeding Dogs On-the-Go

    Nowadays, we love taking our dogs everywhere. Fortunately, there’s more pet-friendly holiday homes, restaurants and cafes than ever before in the UK. However, such places don’t always come equipped with feeding equipment for your pooch.

    Feeding and watering your dog can also be tricky on those longer walks. Often there isn’t anywhere to stop on the way. That’s where our handy foldable bowls come in!

    Keep your dog well-fed and hydrated anywhere. 

    Our foldable bowls are made from food grade silicone which is completely BPA-free. That means no nasty chemicals which are harmful to your dog. 

    These foldable bowls make feeding your furry friends easy anywhere. Designed to reduce mess at mealtimes, these bowls couldn’t be easier to clean. Whether you’re out walking on a hot day, visiting friends or walking in a remote area, they’re one of the most practical accessories. 

    Each bowl comes with a carabiner clip, making them easy to attach to your bag or belt.  

    Practical and beautiful bowls for water and food.

    Since these bowls are foldable, they can be reduced to a much smaller size, making them easy to fit in your bag. You can also pick from an array of attractive colours. 

    Ideal for the dog owner who ostensibly has everything, these bowls make original gifts. However, they’re not suitable for flat-nosed breeds of dogs.