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    Adorable Bone Toys for your Furry Friend

    Does your dog have a bone to pick with you when they’re bored? Our beautifully-designed bone toys will help keep them entertained!

    Toys are vital for staving away boredom and anxiety in dogs. Although not suitable for chewing, these plush bones are ideal for all kinds of play, from tugs of war through to sniffing games. They’re also so gorgeous, they will make wonderful Instagram pictures of your dog. 

    Plush toys are brilliant for using in various training scenarios, including fetching and retrieving. They encourage gentler forms of play and create a stronger bond between you and your dog. 

    Providing hours of playtime, these plush toys come in various different styles. 

    Unlike real bones, these plush toys look lovely and won’t cause the kind of issues associated with the real thing. Cooked bones can splinter and cause choking and injuries to dogs. These toys are ideal for providing comfort, especially if you have a more anxious or stressed dog on your hands. 

    These bones are so great-looking, they can be used to decorate your dog’s bed. 

    Each has our distinctive Cocopup branding and makes a wonderful gift for your dog at any time of year.