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    Keep your Dog Safe with a Personalised ID Tag!

    Dogs are the world’s favourite pet for a reason: perhaps no other animal gives more
    unconditional love. It’s been said that, ‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole’ and most of us agree with that statement. In other words, we love our dogs and part of that is keeping them safe.

    Although dogs are usually microchipped nowadays, a tag alerting people to this fact can be useful. It’s easy to panic when your dog goes missing and you want to do everything possible to ensure they will be returned if such an emergency arises.

    Lost and stolen pets are unfortunately relatively common nowadays. A customised ID tag can make all the difference if your dog goes missing. With our personalised ID tags, you can provide all the information needed to keep your dog safe. They will also look stylish and fun on their collar.

    Durable and long-lasting, our ID tags for dogs can contain all the important information needed. This might include your phone number, address and whether the dog has been microchipped. We have many attractive designs to choose from, all of which are highly affordable.

    Each tag can easily be attached to a pet’s collar and makes an excellent gift for a new dog owner. Our ID tags are tough that withstand all conditions.

    Cocopup ID tags are double-sided and made from lightweight aluminium. Professionally printed by our team, they are completely waterproof so the text won’t fade, no matter the weather. Delivered to your door with a split ring included so it can immediately be attached.